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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Preschool Learning & Kids Games: Toddler Learning Game The World Is One Big Adventure

Toddler Learning Game The World Is One Big Adventure

The life of a toddler does not need to be day after day of organized activities, but putting in a good routine can help you and your child.

If she knows that on Monday you go to the park, on Wednesday you go to playgroup and on Saturday you have a special Breakfast, it will give her stability and confidence, knowing what is going to happen day to day, but allowing flexibility too.

Between 12 and 24 months your toddler will have more interest in Everything around her, she will enjoy putting things together, poking, prodding and games involving hand to eye coordination.

Her manipulation and fine motor skills will develop as she learns to use her wrist and different grasps depending on the object she is using, she will show her first signs of becoming an artist, using crayons and a paintbrush.

This creative early learning will help your child develop fine motor skills as well as gain confidence, self-expression and a creative mind.

For your toddlers first go at creating a masterpiece, until she develops his fine motor skills, she will need to use stubby crayons and a large sheet of paper. At first there wont be much control where the crayons go on the paper, but as with all other skills, practice and more practice, with lots of encouragement, will help her gain confidence and master this skill.

Children naturally love to make things, and like nothing more than showing you their handiwork. For a young child, crafts and other artistic activities are great for confidence building and self-expression, and having your child's masterpieces around the house will show her how proud you are of her work and give her confidence.

Using Play Dough is another fun learning game, its lovely to squish and squeeze and fun to model, your child can use it from about two years old, but make sure it doesn't get eaten!

Play Dough is very quick and easy to make, it is a brilliant way for children to learn about weights, measurements and the way materials change.

Music and singing nursery rhymes will also play a large part of her daily routine.

Educational music games, toys, instruments and CDs are a great way for Toddlers and Preschoolers to gain from listening to music. Music benefits your child's speech and movement, as well as their self-confidence, self-expression and their listening and concentration skills.

Action Songs help your toddler experience music physically through play, and is great way of interacting between you and your toddler. Your child won't know that she is actually doing educational music games, its just fun to her.

Children love joining in and doing activities with you. An action song can even change their mood, and yours too, making you both happier and content. My personal favourite for changing my mood is, "Johnny Taps With One Hammer", it just makes me laugh.

Some other suggestions could be Head, Shoulders, Knees And Toes, The Wheels On The Bus, If You're Happy And You Know It, I'm A Little Teapot and One Finger, One Thumb, of course the list could go on and on.

You can go to the library and get a range of different music, so you can find out what music makes your toddler tick, and then make up your own educational music game, to get your child involved more in music.

Every child should have a few basic instruments, so that can experiment with music as they wish.

A child's concentration span can be very short, if they are enjoying a piece of music they may well express this the only way they know how, at this age through movement, or dance and the first time your child "feels the beat" can be really entertaining..

The benefits of regular dance sessions are endless. Children are being creative, developing gross and fine motor skills, can work together with other children, build relationships and gain self esteem, to name a few. As with singing songs, dancing to musical tapes will help with their language learning, and get your child used to the rhythm and tune.

There are some fantastic tapes to get you moving, One of our nursery's favourite educational music game is The Sticky Kids CDs, but don't think that its just for kids!

Imagination and creative play is an important part of your child's development also.

Children directly copy what adults do, but they also pretend to be adults when they begin to play imaginatively. So show them a good example.

The Home Area is an important area for this, and you need to broaden the gender roles, so that they do not begin to see what men and woman do in narrow ways.

Role Play, encourages children to listen and talk to each other, it extend the powers of self-expression and encourages the expression of imaginative, non - stereotypical ideas and roles.

There are many educational toys available that mimic the grown up version, educational learning toys like Tea Sets and Cookers, for girls and boys and Power Tools and Super Hero Costumes, for girls and boys.

But don't forget that the use of imagination can change your drab coat into a magic cape! Have a look around charity shops you will get a lot more for your money and make your toddlers imagination work over time.

This has to be the best fun learning experience a child can have and a fantastic educational game for toddler.

Remember what an important part of your life imagination play was when you were a child?

You could be, do and have anything!

Do you remember "The Little Red Engine That Could"? He was just a little engine, but when he saw that steep hill ahead of him, a seemingly impossible obstacle, he kept telling himself, "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can," and he pulled all his train cars over the hill. You know the moral: the power of a positive mind.

But then we get knocked down and start disbelieving in what we are capable of, don't do this to your child, help them have a true believing in what they want to be.

Some other great games would be nesting cups, to give the first concepts of "big, bigger and biggest", simple inset puzzles with lift-out pieces or matching games to help to increase your toddler's vocabulary, building blocks, linking toys and lacing sets are some other favourite educational toys for this age.

Education Games For Kids

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Kids Games To Play and Activities-Pin The Tail On The???

Variations to Pin-The-Tail-On-The –Donkey!

Kids Games To Play- Kids Activities-Preschool Learning

We all love the classic game of pin the tail on the donkey as much as our children do. The question I like to ask is, why does it have to stop at just donkeys?

Have you ever tried to change things up a bit for different subjects you are doing in the classroom, in your home child care, or at the day care center you work at?

It’s easy to find the donkey game already made for us, I know. But with the help of the class and some drawing paper and markers, you can create some wonderful games that will give you hours of fun.

Also remember that these games don’t have to be made overnight. Don’t stress yourself out. Turn it into a class project or just a project for yourself and take as long as you need. You will have as much fun making it as you will playing with it.

Be sure to check the bottom of this article for tips on making the games, durability, etc.

Game Idea #1- Pin the fin on the fish.

Game Idea #2- Pin the nose on the clown.

Game Idea #3- Pin the bell on the cow.

Game Idea #4- Pin the horse-shoe on the horse.

Game Idea #5- Pin the leaf on the flower.

Game Idea #6- Pin the apple on the tree.

Game Idea #7- Pin the wing/leg on the bird, bee, or insect.

Game Idea #8- Pin the worm on the hole in the fruit.

Game Idea #9- Pin the trunk on the elephant.

Game Idea #10- Pin the chocolate chip on the cookie. (Younger children) see note below.

Game Idea #11- Pin the cotton fluff on the cloud. (Same as game above only using cotton and a cloud shape).

Game Idea # 12- Pin the face parts on the face (eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair, eyebrows, Etc) Make each piece and use as game pieces. Have each child take turns trying to put the game pieces in the correct spots on the face. See what silly faces they come up with.

*Pin the chocolate chip on the cookie: This game is great for toddler aged children. There is no right or wrong spot to pin the chocolate chip and when all the children have had their turn, they can look at the beautiful cookie they made. To make it fun, you can make the chocolate chips from different colors of construction paper and have a rainbow chip cookie. The children will love it!

Ideas for Making the Games: These games are best made from Bristol board material or even a large piece of cardboard. If you are not a great artist (as I am not…ha-ha) I have had to search for ways to draw these up. I have asked a friend who I know can draw to help me. Other times I have taken an overhead projector and taped my Bristol board to the wall and traced it that way. And other times I have found a large enough picture to use and have been able to draw simpler pictures on my own such as flowers, bees, cookies, etc.

Make sure you make enough game pieces for the children. Have everything colored nice and bright and bold, and laminate what you can for a long game life. Using sticky tack instead of tape will be easier for the children to handle the pieces and it won’t ruin or pull at the game.

Have fun and change these games around as you need or like.

M. Robinson
E.C.E (Early Childhood Educator)

Monday, June 04, 2007

Preschool Learn To Count Game-Baseball Counting


Teaching your kids to count can be difficult. We make it fun!

Try out the Free Preschool Learning Online Learn To Count Game For kids.
Simply Click the Link Below, maximize the page and have your Preschooler 'count' the number of black dots under each baseball glove.

Then they simply need to click on the baseball and DRAG IT to the baseball glove that matches.

It's That simple.

You can count the dots with them to help them identify the number.

Preschool Learning Games-Kids Games To Play


Preschool learning kids games to play online can be difficult to locate. Fun kids games, preschool learning games and activities that teach different skills and fundamentals can be found on our preschool learning online website.

Learning to count, learning shapes, colors learning, learn numbers, drag and drop kids games and more can be found online at our preschool Learning website.

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