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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Super Bowl Football Theme for Preschool Kids:

Super Bowl Football Preschool Themes: 

Super Bowl is here. Kids usually are fascinated by sports (especially boys)

Why not plan a Football theme or lesson plan for the preschooler children or other young children in your care? Super Bowl is a huge event that the children will surely hear about and see advertised on the television. You can introduce the kids to this event using some of the ideas and activities below.

What are some Football related activities and ideas you could use to get this football theme going? 

1.) You could make Football cupcakes

2.)  Get a bunch of football related coloring pages for kids to color.

3.) Read books to the children about football

4.) At circle time pass around a real football that the children can see and touch (you could use different types of footballs (eg.) leather, nerf, bigger, small)

5.) Get colorful pictures of people playing football.

6.) Get football related party snacks like chips, pretzels, popcorn..

7.) Have children draw their best footballs pictures

8.) Cut out football shaped pieces of construction paper and let the children decorate it by gluing, pasting etc..

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