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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Preschool Activities-Summer

Fun Summer Activities For Kids:

Sometimes on a wonderful summer day, we just want to stay outside for as long as we can. But what can you do for so long without getting bored?

Here’s an idea for a fun filled day in the sun.

Send notices home with the children saying that they will need to bring a swim suit, towel, and sun screen to stay in their cubbies for the beautiful summer days ahead.

When you have one of those day where you just don’t want to go inside why not set up the playground/yard like this:

1. Set out one kiddy sized pool with floating water toys in it.

2. Set out a sensory bin or large basins with water. Try decorating the water with sparkles or foam shapes and put different sized plastic cups and scoops for the children to explore and practice pouring.

3. Have a “bubble station”. Buy a few packs of bubble solution, *(or make your own). Dump the bubble solution in a large bowl and put a bunch of bubble sticks in it so the children can easily blow bubbles when they go to that station.

4. Fill up some balloons with water and encourage the children to try and toss the balloons back and forth without breaking them, or just have fun and throw them around.

5. Put a sprinkler on for the children to run through.

Enjoy hours of fun in the sun!

Feel free to do all or some of these activities at one time. Just make sure you have adequate supervision around the kiddy pool.

Your playground/backyard will be the talk of the town.
Have a blast this summer!

*Please visit and click on the Pre K Science link in the left hand menu to find the recipe for making your own bubble solution.

To make things easier, we recommend buying the bubble solution as you can get it cheap at dollar stores. Making the bubble solution could be an outside summer science activity with the children on a different day.

Enjoy these fun ideas and we will be sending more out soon.
Preschool Learning Online Team