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Monday, July 05, 2010

Picking a Preschool for Your Child-What to Look For

Preschool vs. Babysitting

In Canada, not all Preschools are created equally.

There are Preschools and there are babysitting services--it all depends on what you are looking for for your child.

The teachers schedule a routine that they follow EVERYDAY for the children. This provides structure.

A quality Preschool has Professional E.C.E's ONLY--this means that those who are teaching the children have went to college to learn how to 'teach and deal with preschool aged children and teach various skills and curriculum.

Professional E.C.E's would have their first aid & CPR in case a situation developed with any child.

A good Preschool would follow some sort of educational or preschool learning program, the most popular being "Play To Learn'.

Professional Development accessible to E.C.E's to keep up with children's needs.

A Good Preschool center would obviously be clean and sanitary and provide healthy nutrtious meals (not a regular feeding of hotdogs and kraft dinner etc..)

They would also have healthy activities and 2 hours a day of outdoor activities.

In Canada, E.C.E's now have to be Registered through the College Of E.C.E's in order to have a professional title.

On average, pricing is about $30 per child per day. Infants of course cost more due to responsibilities and materials required for care.

Babysitters are babysitters...put the kids in front of the tv, throw on a movie, cartoon or kid's show.

Preschool is a structured environment where curriculum are suppose to be in place with 'Professionals' teaching, where children can interact and learn to develop different skills. :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Preschool Learning For Parents: Your Child's Height & Factors For Physical Growth

Physical Growth In Children:

Genetic factors are important to physical growth. Tall parents tend to have tall children and short parents tend to have short children. However an interesting phenomenon called "regression toward the mean" has been observed.

Tall parents have children who are taller than average but shorter than their parents. Short parents have children who are shorter than average but are taller than their parents. Children grow upwards, but not steadily. For long periods children may not grow at all.

At other times they may exhibit rapid growth spurts. Your doctor will record the growth for your child on a growth chart. After recording a series of heights and weights at different ages, you can visualize the growth of your child.

If growth is extremely fast or stops for a long period, it will show up on the graph much more clearly, than through the traditional marks on the wall. At some time during growth and development, most children will be high or low on something.

Height has always seemed a trivial characteristic by which to judge any person. Unfortunately, our culture has traditionally placed values on various heights. Being tall has been as an asset for boys but a problem for girls.

Some parents are concerned that their children will be handicapped for being too tall or too short, and seek out ways to change growth patterns. Many tall women might remember being teased because of their height when they were younger.

Initially, growth is controlled by the growth and the thyroid hormone. During puberty, additional hormones kick in. as adolescents reach puberty, the pituitary gland increase the secretion of a hormone called follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH).

For boys no single dramatic event makes clear that puberty is on its way. There is a typical sequence of changes however that might not be immediately obvious, because they tend to occur over a fairly long period, and begin between 9 and 14.

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