Monday, July 05, 2010

Picking a Preschool for Your Child-What to Look For

Preschool vs. Babysitting

In Canada, not all Preschools are created equally.

There are Preschools and there are babysitting services--it all depends on what you are looking for for your child.

The teachers schedule a routine that they follow EVERYDAY for the children. This provides structure.

A quality Preschool has Professional E.C.E's ONLY--this means that those who are teaching the children have went to college to learn how to 'teach and deal with preschool aged children and teach various skills and curriculum.

Professional E.C.E's would have their first aid & CPR in case a situation developed with any child.

A good Preschool would follow some sort of educational or preschool learning program, the most popular being "Play To Learn'.

Professional Development accessible to E.C.E's to keep up with children's needs.

A Good Preschool center would obviously be clean and sanitary and provide healthy nutrtious meals (not a regular feeding of hotdogs and kraft dinner etc..)

They would also have healthy activities and 2 hours a day of outdoor activities.

In Canada, E.C.E's now have to be Registered through the College Of E.C.E's in order to have a professional title.

On average, pricing is about $30 per child per day. Infants of course cost more due to responsibilities and materials required for care.

Babysitters are babysitters...put the kids in front of the tv, throw on a movie, cartoon or kid's show.

Preschool is a structured environment where curriculum are suppose to be in place with 'Professionals' teaching, where children can interact and learn to develop different skills. :)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

First Grade Math Worksheets for Kids

First grade math worksheets are available for teachers and parents or anyone else who has need for math printable and resources for children learning math.

If you are looking for addition and substraction worksheets and other first grade math worksheets for your kids, you will want to check out the math printables and worksheets we currently have here:

We will be adding many many more first grade math worksheets and math printables as well as other first grade worksheets for you to use free of charge.

We hope you enjoy the elementary resources which we make available to all our visitors!

Enjoy and tell your friends!

We also have a variety of multiplication worksheets and other number worksheets coming for you.

Until then...enjoy!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Kindergarten Songs & Preschool Songs

Kindergarten songs and preschool songs are great ways for children and preschoolers to have fun while learning.

There are a variety of kindergarten and preschool songs that are theme based, deal with the seasons or are just plain silly fun!

The kid's songs can help children to develop social skills while singing as a group or they can help them to keep beat or rhythm.

Many songs have an educational message or may teach children to count, dance, learn about seasons etc..

If you are looking for Kindergarten Songs or Preschool Songs be sure to visit this area of our main website.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Creative Movement For Preschool Children

What is Creative Movement for Preschoolers all about? What about creative movement activities-what are some activities and ideas?

Creative movement activities are great ways to get your preschool children up and moving with some physical activity. It allows for children to express themselves using imagination and creativity.

Some times creative movement may involve music to present a certain theme, or it may simply be some fun children's music playing the background for the children to move to, or you may use no music at all.

If you are wondering about some creative movement activities and ideas-Check out our website for some preschool creative movement activities you can use in your classroom!

Creative Movement Activities

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Large Alphabet Letters For Preschoolers

If you are looking for printable letter of the alphabet for your kids or classroom, you can get some good ones here:

Large Alphabet Letters

Large letters can be printed for the classroom. These large alphabet letters can be used for printables or laminated and used again and again to teach kids and preschoolers.
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