Saturday, January 21, 2012

How to Teach a Class with Delays or Lack of Interest

Preschool Teaching Question:

Thanks for the information but what do you do when your class is a delay class or the children just sit there and want do anything? I am working with a self contain / delay group of children or they are just not up to part.


If you have a class, try these ideas..

How to Teach a Preschool Class Showing Lack of Interest or Delays

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Children Songs for Teaching and Learning

Children Songs for Preschool and Kindergarten 

Preschool song lyrics and preschool children songs for use in educating children, toddlers and even for use with kindergarten children. Be sure to visit all children songs posted to this preschool learning blog.

There are also many preschool songs that can be found that are based on specific themes like, weather, snow, animals, colors and much more. These types of songs make learning easier when you incorporate them into your lesson plans for children while teaching.

Check out all the listed song categories to got to the specific section of songs. Kepp in mind that we add new songs for kids regularly.

Click Here for Kids Songs

Monday, January 16, 2012

Fine Motor Skills Grasps

Palmer, Pincer, and Pencil Grasp for Fine Motor Skills Development
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As children develop from infancy into their preschool years the palmer, pincer, and pencil grasps are important to their fine motor development. Below you will find a brief description of each

Fine Motor Skills Grasps for Development

Stacking Activities for Fine Motor Skills Development in Kids

Small Building Blocks Activities: 

Small building blocks give children an opportunity to develop their fine motor skills while engaging in another fun activity. Grabbing and stacking. These sorts of ideas and activities build the small muscles of the children's hands and fingers.

These activities also help to work on developing hand/eye co-ordination skills in children as well.

Get Activities Here

Fine Motor Activities for Preschoolers

Gluing Activities for Fine Motor Development: 

Glueing is another great fine motor activity for children. This activity is fun and a very popular one with children. Cutting and gluing pieces of paper, pieces of colorful construction paper, newpaper and more.

Children can also get added benefits by tearing paper using their hands and gluing it creating their art and masterpieces. Tearing helps children to develop their small hand and finger muscles.

Gluing Activities for Kids

Gross Motor Activities for Kids

How to Help Children with Gross Motor Activities:

Helping children master gross motor skills involves some planning but at the same time can be, and is quite simple to make developing these skills successful.

Making sure children have a large area to run and play is a good idea. Get kids outside and let them run and jump, kick a ball, ride their bikes and push their scooters.

These gross motor ideas and activities for children are expanded below.

Gross Motor Development Activities
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