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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Get Your Kids Off The Couch With These Outdoor Toys

If you have had enough of the kids spending all their time in front of a television or a computer screen, the time has come to get them out of house and into the fresh air and sunshine. One of the best ways to encourage outdoor activity and plenty of exercise is with the aid of fun outdoor toys. Here are some examples of toys that may be just what you need to entice the kids to get up, get out, and have some fun.

There are outdoor toys that will work for just about any age and gender group. For young boys, Air Hogs has a varied line of toys that will do the trick. The RC planes are a lot of fun, and also very inexpensive. Small and made of plastic and Styrofoam components, these RC planes will stand up to a lot of wear and can be had for around $40.00. The RC Aero Ace Jet will also delight the kids and sells for around the same price. For ore fun, there is the RC Air Hogs Super bike that retails for around $20.00.

For younger children, outdoor toys often means water toys. Check out the range of offerings such as Aquaplay, WHAM-O Slip N Slide, and various water guns that are ideal for running around and cooling off at the same time. Many of these water toys can be purchased at discount retail outlets and at online stores for very little cost.

Hand held toys such as pinwheels are a lot of fun. They are inexpensive, come in a wide range of colors, and are ideal for spending sometime outside under the trees. The kids may even get into trading pinwheels with their friends.

How about some wheels to maneuver around the yard or perhaps the neighborhood? If your kids want to get a little mobile, consider a classic Radio Flyer, kettle r, or a Razor Scooter. You can find some great options for wheeled toys at local stores.

Keep in mind that purchasing creative toys is only part of the process for getting the kids out into the open air. Parents need exercise and sunshine too. Make it a point to spend time outside with your kids and you may rediscover some of the delights from your own childhood. Toss around a football, fly a kite, or play games like Tag. Not only will both you and your kids get some exercise, but you also will build some great memories together.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Preschool Learning Online & Toy Ideas: Toddler Toy Basics

Toddler Toy Basics


Toddler Toys offer toddlers a myriad of activities to explore, introducing them to ride on toys, puzzles, and more. We believe that the best toddler toys are the one which are age appropriate and support the physical, emotional, social, cognitive and language development of toddlers. Some toddler toys at this age include singing toys, toys with buttons to push, blocks, shape sorters, pull and push toys to name a few.


Remember, like I said, even toys as basic as blocks are considered learning toys: when toddlers engage in the great fun of building up and tearing down they're developing skills they'll eventually need to grasp basic principles of math. This cannot be stressed enough. Children's toys that introduce your young one to auditory processing, cognitive learning and gross motor development. If possible the best thing you can do is provide your little one with a variety of toys and learning experiences in a warm supportive environment. Pressuring a child to learn or going overboard by making every interaction with you a lesson, may lead to taking the fun out of learning. Kids do not feel like they are learning, but rather playing.delimiter


Toys need to entertain as well as educate your toddler. Toddler Toys will keep developing important skills, while introducing the fun of play. Push toys (like the Corn Popper) give toddlers an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of physical exercise and improve the coordination important to development. Even toys as basic as blocks are considered learning toys: when toddlers engage in the great fun of building up and tearing down they're developing skills they'll eventually need to grasp basic principles of math. Toddlers will love to play with these following toys: climbing toys , toddler pull toys, toddler push toys, toddler riding toys, swinging toys, play tunnel, slides, rocking toys (including toy rocking horse)and balls. If you're on a budget, get the balls and the push toys or even think about checking about programs such as Free Cycle, where people sign-up to give away things they don't need any more for free.delimiter


You can use any toddler toy to improve your child's language development. Play with your child and talk to them about the toy. Explain to them how it works, the colors of the toy, or the function. Also, teaching your toddler to share toys will improve his/her social skills, also increasing their ability to communicate with others without screaming "MINE."


There are many types of toddler toys out there for your toddler. When choosing, just remember that the toy is not as important as how you present the toy to them. Use every opportunity as a way to teach and develop them into the person they are going to be for the rest of their life. Toddlers are at the age at which people are most impressionable, they pick up everything and immolate everything. So, let the games begin, and learn a little too.

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