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Make Flubber Video & Recipe to Make Fun Kids Stuff


Flubber Video:

Make flubber for the preschool children in your class. Don't know what flubber is? You'll have to watch the video..

Preschool Learning Online - Featured Kids Book-Story Recommendation For Kids


Book and Story Recommendation for Kids:

Spring Is Here! Get Your Kids Outdoors!

Spring has finally arrived!

Winter and it's often depressing side affects are on their way out! We understand that winter is not depressing for many children but it is for many adults.
Many children love winter. They love tobogganing, skating, snow ball fights, building snowforts, snowmen and playing in the snow.

For many people though, children included, winter is a time to stay indoors and do nothing but play video games, sleep in and watch television.

Ahh, spring is here..what a great feeling of new life. Clean crisp air, warm weather and sunshine really picks up one's spirit and makes us feel energized.

If your children are in a habit of staying inside and playing video games, watching television and sitting around watching the paint dry-we need to incorporate some ideas and fun kids activities to get them out side and more active.

Exercise and outdoor activity is healthy for us all-kids need it just as much if not more than adults to combat childhood obesity issues and depression.

As parent s we need to start planning ahead for activities that get our children involved.
Maybe we can plan day trips to the park. Maybe we can go to the beach and get out of the car and walk around and let children observe nature and the life around them.
Often times Spring time involves cleaning up around the outside of the house.
Raking leaves, tilling gardens, cleaning flower beds, picking up garbage doing small simple repairs.

Can we get our young children involved by doing simple tasks that make them feel special? Maybe they can pass dad his tools when he needs them, maybe they can help mom to clean out the flower beds, pick up pieces of paper etc.

What ever it is that our kids help us with, make it fun.

Maybe we can play music outside while doing these activities and really praise up our children when they do their part, 'no matter how small', in helping out.

Games can also be fun for kids. When outside with our kids, maybe have them find as many different shaped leaves as possible and collect them?

If your kids are familiar with colors, or counting, maybe have them count the number 'red items' they see when outside or in a certain area.

Perhaps as parents we can just get our children to get out and comment on the signs of life (birds, squirrels, rabbits, insects etc..) that they observe around them. Parent can use this opportunity to share their knowledge and fun facts with their kids.

There is really no right or wrong ideas here. The idea is to put the emphasis on getting your children outside and enjoying themselves, keeping them occupied and safely having fun!

*Keep in mind that this time of year brings many children and animals outdoors at all different times of the day. When driving in our cars we want to be cautious of children hiding behind 'parked cars', riding bikes, and running out on to the streets when you least expect it! Always BE ALERT and EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!

Let's have a SAFE, FUN & EXCITING SPRING & SUMMER for everyone!

Get Your Kids Off The Couch With These Outdoor Toys

If you have had enough of the kids spending all their time in front of a television or a computer screen, the time has come to get them out of house and into the fresh air and sunshine. One of the best ways to encourage outdoor activity and plenty of exercise is with the aid of fun outdoor toys. Here are some examples of toys that may be just what you need to entice the kids to get up, get out, and have some fun.

There are outdoor toys that will work for just about any age and gender group. For young boys, Air Hogs has a varied line of toys that will do the trick. The RC planes are a lot of fun, and also very inexpensive. Small and made of plastic and Styrofoam components, these RC planes will stand up to a lot of wear and can be had for around $40.00. The RC Aero Ace Jet will also delight the kids and sells for around the same price. For ore fun, there is the RC Air Hogs Super bike that retails for around $20.00.

For younger children, outdoor toys often means water toys. Check out the range of offerings such as Aquaplay, WHAM-O Slip N Slide, and various water guns that are ideal for running around and cooling off at the same time. Many of these water toys can be purchased at discount retail outlets and at online stores for very little cost.

Hand held toys such as pinwheels are a lot of fun. They are inexpensive, come in a wide range of colors, and are ideal for spending sometime outside under the trees. The kids may even get into trading pinwheels with their friends.

How about some wheels to maneuver around the yard or perhaps the neighborhood? If your kids want to get a little mobile, consider a classic Radio Flyer, kettle r, or a Razor Scooter. You can find some great options for wheeled toys at local stores.

Keep in mind that purchasing creative toys is only part of the process for getting the kids out into the open air. Parents need exercise and sunshine too. Make it a point to spend time outside with your kids and you may rediscover some of the delights from your own childhood. Toss around a football, fly a kite, or play games like Tag. Not only will both you and your kids get some exercise, but you also will build some great memories together.

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Spring & Summer Newsletter-Great Spring Preschool Activities for Kids

Happy Spring and Summer Subscriber,

It’s been a while since our last newsletter. We apologize for the delay but we have some exciting news. We are in the process of finishing up our sister site which we have been working very hard on. Check out the following link to be one of the first to visit this site. Click here to visit: Activity School We have great new information on this site including Themes. Check out our theme section where we have well over 15 themes already posted!

We have also been working on videos which we have put up on the web. We will be making these videos available through our site by link or actual video. One of our team operators, (Marisa Robinson E.C.E) demonstrates activities, songs, cooking, and great book recommendations. Keep checking back to for these exciting changes and add-ons as well as our sister site:

Now For Some Free Spring/Summer Activities:

Cooking Activity: Birds Nests

What you will need:

2 cups granulated sugar
1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup milk
6 tbsp cocoa
1/2 cup fine shredded coconut (optional)*
3 cups oatmeal

Large Pot
Wooden Spoon
Waxed Paper
Large Popsicle Sticks

What to do:

Prepare Ingredients using the directions below:

1. Combine the first four ingredients together in a large pot and bring to a boil for about 2-3 minutes, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon.

2. Take pot off of stove and add the coconut and oatmeal. Mix until everything is coated.
Give each child a piece of waxed paper. Drop a generous sized spoonful of the “birds nest” mixture onto the waxed paper.

Have each child work the mixture with a popsicle stick until it’s cool enough to handle.

Have children shape the mixture into a birds nest and then let set.

Once the mixture is set (either in the fridge or at room temp.) give the child a handful of jelly beans or chocolate foil wrapped eggs to put in the centre of their nest.

This is a great afternoon snack or dessert after a healthy lunch.


*If you omit the coconut, replace by adding ¼-1/2 cup of oatmeal.

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Incorporating Science and Creative Art:

What you will need:

Styrofoam Cups
Spoons (enough for all children)
Flower seeds such as Violets
Water in a container with a spout

Any or all of the following:
Sparkles, beads, anything else fun and glue able

Allow each child to create their own flower pot.
First, write each child’s name on the bottom of the cup. Then have the children decorate it however they wish to.

Next, have each child fill their cup almost to the top of the cup with soil using a spoon to scoop it.

Then give them a seed to place on the top and have them push the seed down very gently only about a finger tips depth.

Then give them the water to water the seed a tiny bit.

Once everyone has planted their seeds, place their flower pots out where they will get some filtered sunlight.

Optional: Check on the plants daily and see whose started to grow first, last, how much they grow each week, etc. Document the progress on chart paper to post on the wall when the experiment is finished.

Once everyone’s plant have started to grow, send them home with the children and encourage their parents to re-pot the plant and watch it grow more.

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Sensory Activity:

Who said the sand box had to be limited to just cars and trucks, shovels and pails.

Let’s get creative!

For a great fresh spring activity, take out those cars and trucks, shovels and pails, and let’s replace the sandbox with gardening gloves, gardening shovels, flower pots, and some fake flowers. While you’re at it, why not add some fun gardening hats for the children to extend their play.

Sit back and watch or join in the fun as you watch them develop their little green thumbs!

I hope this has helped give you a kick start to spring and summer. It doesn’t end there though. Keep checking back to our web sites for more great free activities.

Thanks and enjoy the great weather ahead!

The Preschool Learning Online Team