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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

'The Preschool Approach At Home' - Preschool Learning Article

While recently doing some research on the preschool learning and preschool homeschool curriculum, and what type of preschool activities would create a positive self motivation preschool learning environment for the homeschool, I came across some ideas that are so simple it was almost embarrassing that I had to discover this through my ‘research’ time.

When one preschool teacher was asked ‘what is the one preschool teaching tool or tools in your classroom that you could not do without? She answered real life stuff. Pots and pans, staplers, hole punchers, anything around the house that will provide real life experiences for preschool activities.

Think about it…. Every thing you need for your homeschool preschool is just around the corner at a yard sale! If your going to teach preschool homeschool your classroom should be set up like a real life home. Imagine that. A real life home environment for the preschool child, and you did it. Can you teach that way? Of course, you can.

You probably already have, and do allow your child time to play, read, run outdoors, and discover the world on their travels. And you do so in a loving environment.

What you provide will far exceed what is provided for in a public preschool learning environment.

You are the best teacher the child will ever have and your home is the best leaning environment for the preschooler. You certainly don’t need to spend vast amounts of money equipping your home for preschool activities. As mentioned earlier, thrift stores and yard sales can provide more than you could ever use.

Also remember, real life experiences. Let the child help you bake, do laundry, and other household experiences. They all offer visual, hands on, and subtle problem solving. And you thought homeschool preschool would require a classroom setting.

Not hardly.

Mary Joyce is a former educator, successful homeschool parent, and has written many articles on teaching your child at home for the Homeschool-Curriculum-4u website. Please visit ( for a complete list of Mary's articles.

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