Thursday, May 03, 2012

Spring & Summer Outdoor Activities for Kids

Fun Spring and Summer Outdoor Activities for Kids:

Want to keep your kids active during the nice weather this Spring or Summer? You need to keep your children from adopting a sedentary lifestyle which can lead to obesity and other health issues.

Today, many children sit in front of television for hours or play video games with no physical activity. Physical activity is good for their gross motor skills development and fine motor skills development & overall health.

Teaching your kids to get up and move is a nice habit to get them into, one which will stay with them for many years to come.

Outdoor Obstacle Course:

Have you thought of setting up a fun obstacle course in your backyard for your children and their friends? You can use some pylons (or other things to act as pylons or markers) for them to weave in and out through. Hoola hoops can be used for jumping. Maybe a long wavy rope or your garden hose laying out in a crazy pattern for them which they have to balance on and follow.

You can even get a couple of the play tunnels which they have for little children and get your kids crawling through it.

The thing is, make it fun and challenging for your kids, while keeping it safe. It will get your preschool kids and young children moving on a nice Spring or Summer day.

You can even make it into a fun game or contest & time each child as they complete the course.

This is just one of many great ideas for keeping children healthy and active outdoors with some physical activities for kids.

Sun Safety and Water To Drink:

*Remember to ALWAYS use a suitable sunblock or dress children appropriately with plenty of liquids to drink when playing outside. Have any other great ideas for keeping children moving? Let us know by commenting below or contacting us.