Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Free Spring Coloring Pages for Children Online

Spring Coloring Pages for Kids - FREE!

Spring is here (I Technically spring is here, even though the weather is saying otherwise right now.

This is the start of a new season in which you can teach preschool children and young kids about spring and all of the things associated with the season.

Building lesson plans or group activities about spring can be a fun way for teaching the children in your care.

You can get books about spring, or books about animals and what they do in the spring time after winter has finished.

You could get spring poems or songs about spring time etc.

We have put together a bunch of simple Spring time coloring pages for you to download for Free.

Be sure to Download them and print them out for your children to be able to color. The coloring pages are all things associated with Spring.

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Spring Coloring Page Sample:

Get All of the Coloring Pages Here:

Thursday, March 07, 2013

FREE Preschool Kindle Book for Kids


On the date of Mar. 8 - Mar.9 /13. we are giving away FREE downloads of our NEWEST (2nd) kindle book for preschoolers and toddlers. This children's book was just listed on and all other amazon properties for your specific country.

The kids book is called "Clean Fresh Charlie" and yes, you guessed it, it is a book about being clean and fresh. Not all kids enjoy bath time and the labors of staying clean-this is a nice way to get children to listen and learn about cleanliness.

It's Free starting on the dates above, but then it will be at minimum 0.99 cents to buy it (still amazingly cheap for all that time and effort of illustrating it and formatting etc.)


 Reviewing it only takes a few seconds but it helps us ALOT!

We know that you and your children will find the pictures and simple, rhyming story picture book a very cute addition to your stories for your kids.

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Get this Preschool & Toddler Kindle book for FREE March 8-9 2013. Only!

Not Just For Kindle:

Keep in mind that this simple rhyming story book for kids isn't ONLY for kindle. It is for ipad, iphone, all kindle devices, your laptop, your PC and even android devices.

Our Other Preschool Kindle Books:

*Don't forget to see our other preschool kindle book (1st) "Me & You At The Zoo"- Book for preschoolers and toddlers

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Preschool Kindle Book-Me & You at the Zoo

Me & You At The Zoo

(Kindle Book for your preschoolers & toddlers)

We have just completed our first kindle book for preschoolers and toddlers. The kindle book is FREE for download today (Feb. 21/13.) *There will be other dates to follow periodically. Regular download price on this kindle book for preschool children is 0.99 cents.

Download or See it Here:

Please Download & give us a kind, simple review of the book - Reviews are very important!

"Me & You At The Zoo" is a fun, rhyming picture book for you to use with your preschool or toddler children as they learn about the things they can see at the Zoo.

Please take a look. Download it FREE today Only, or download for 0.99 cents to your kindle device, iphone or laptop.

All illustrations and story completed by Dane Robinson (

*See it on pinterest or help promote it from pinterest:

Latest Kindle Book Update:

We have a couple 5 out of 5 star reviews so far out of all of our kindle book sales. Please give us a Review - reviews are very important for these books. The book is only 0.99 cents to download.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Printable Flash Cards for Preschoolers

Printable Flashcards for Kids:

Flashcards are an amazing teaching tool. They can be fun and exciting, unique and different for children. Flashcards come in a variety of subjects and topics today, dealing with things like learning colors, learning numbers, counting, alphabets and animals, shapes, telling time, words and so many more.

Making your own Flashcards and Flashcard Ideas for Learning:

As teachers and educators, parents etc, it's important to come up with new ways of teaching. If you are looking for new printable flashcards and ideas for flashcards which you can buy there are many.

To make your own flashcards you can use simple items like construction paper or card stock materials or even bristol board.

You have to then decide which type of flashcards you would like to make. Are you going to make number flashcards? Maybe shape flashcards or even flashcards related to identifying certain objects or words.

Old Magazines and Calendars for Flash Cards:

Old magazines, calendars and retail flyers are great to keep around as a resource you can use to make your flashcards. Simply cut out pictures of animals, household products etc. and paste them to your stock card material for your flash cards. You can even laminate these to keep them for years.

If you are looking for more great printable flashcards for kids and flashcard ideas that you can make the be sure to follow the link above. There are many great ideas for teaching there. Please be sure to Like & Share this page!

Alphabet Flashcards:

Check out our online alphabet flashcards game for free. Simply click and play.

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