Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jungle Theme & Jungle Ideas for Kids

Preschool Jungle Theme Lesson Plan Ideas: 

A popular theme for teaching children is the preschool Jungle theme lesson plan. You can start by getting an assortment of books related to the jungle, jungle animals etc. These are great for use at circle and your library center.

You need other jungle related things like coloring pages, colorful pictures and songs that are all about the jungle. You can discuss all these activities and idea sin a circle with the preschool children.

Make fun jungle masks for a simple art activity or let the children decorate and color jungle masks.

Get more jungle activities and lesson plan ideas here:

Click for more Jungle Activities

Monday, February 27, 2012

Physical Activities for Kids - Masking Tape Balance Beam

Activities for Preschool Kids Working on Balance:

Get your Kids Moving. Why not try some fun activities to get your preschool children moving, testing their strength, testing their balance, co-ordination & other things all while having fun!

Here is a great idea using masking tape. You can use other things like, long strings, or garden hoses, ropes etc to create the same idea with the activity.

 It's important today to get kids up and moving. Use music and use this activity inside or outside with your preschool kids or young children to have fun.

Check it out online.

Balance Beam Masking Tape

Prek Art Activities for Kids - Kool aid Finger Paint

Pre K kids and preschool aged children love art. Art activities allow children to express themselves and their individual creativity by using paints, color, glue, glitter, markers and many other materials to create an artistic masterpiece.

Check out some great prek art activities and ideas to use with your children and those that you teach in the preschool classroom.

PreK Art activities - Kool Aid Finger Paint Ideas 4 Preschoolers:
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