Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Coloring Pages and Online Learning Games for Kids

How are you all today? Good I Hope. We are constantly trying to add more and more content to our growing website.

With this in mind we strive to continue to develop a variety of coloring sheets and printable coloring pages for kids. Sesame Street, Bratz, Super Friends, Animals etc.

We will continue to add these often so please continue to come by and drop us a note and check for new stuff!

Games.....we hope to be adding some new kids games with sound effects and cute ideas and concepts soon to our website. Currently we have some 'drag & drop' games on the website that are cute for kids, listed under our Learning Games section.

Here is a cute little joke we found amusing! It was relayed by a child, you may care to share it with yours:  

"Why did the duck buy an alarm clock?"

Answer: "So He could get up at the 'QUACK' of Dawn!"

If you have any fun information or kids jokes you would like to share with us-Please contact us.

We will look forward to getting your input online!
** Take a moment while your there to VOTE at our poll on our index page at the bottom! This way-we can better provide the necessary information you are looking for!

Take care for now!
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