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Preschool Learning-Causes Of Bed Wetting

Causes of Bed Wetting: Eat, Drink, and Wet the Bed
by: Sue LaPointe

Well, we're on a roll with causes of bed wetting theories. Here's one that seems to make sense. I'm still pretty much sold on the idea that it's a hereditary issue - but it seems like if there are other causes of bed wetting, they may be more controllable. If it's just heredity, you kind of have to wait it out until your child reaches the pre-set magical age of dryness. By nature not especially patient, the idea of waiting it out doesn't appeal to me.

So, here's what I've learned about the food and drink leading to bedwetting theory.


Oh no! Say it isn't so! Well, actually it's not necessarily the chocolate; it's the caffeine in chocolate that may cause bed wetting. What does caffeine do? It stimulates the body, including the bladder. So that evening cup of cocoa or slice of chocolate cake may be a problem. (Gosh, now I'm craving chocolate!)


Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles. Carbonation is rumored to do strange things to immature bladders. Actually, for any adults who drink soda, you know first-hand that a can of Coke is a ticket to the restroom. It's an effect that's compounded by caffeine - and the sugar's probably not helping matters either.

Oranges and Grapefruits

OK, if you've actually got a child who will eat grapefruit, I'd like to hear about it! But oranges are another story. I get a strange reaction when I eat oranges (and raw cranberries for some reason) - my face gets hot and I feel kind of funky. So, I'm assuming it's possible to be allergic to citrus. The citric acid is the most likely culprit. Try cutting back on the orange juice and citrus in your child's diet to see what happens.

Spicy Stuff

There are some spices out there that could probably be rated pharmaceutical grade. Think of the effect Chinese mustard has on your nose! No doubt some of these spices have an equivalent effect on the bladder. Salsa, Asian food, and other hot, hot, hot foods may be contributing to the bedwetting problem.

Food Allergies

I've heard of people whose children are allergic to everything from eggs to wheat, and have to say that dealing with bedwetting is nothing compared to the trouble they have to go through just to feed their children. Couple a serious food allergy with bedwetting, and it's enough to make you want to retreat to the bath tub for the next ten years! Some allergies cause bladder spasms - which of course, means a bedwetting accident. It's not just food, either. Some people are really sensitive to preservatives, dyes, and other additives. It doesn't seem that the only effect of a food allergy would be bedwetting, though. So don't throw out all your groceries just yet. But if your child has multiple challenges, it's something to consider. You may have to shop around for an allergist - so be prepared.

So what do you do if you discover your child's bedwetting problem is caused by a food sensitivity? It's not like being allergic to a cat - get some shots or send Fluffy to live with Grandma. You'll have to enroll your child's compliance on this (so what else is new?). Get your child to see the value, the what's-in-it-for-me of staying away from what may be a favorite food. Dry nights are pretty valuable - and your child may come to see the tradeoff as worthwhile. The sensitivity may be temporary, too - and that should help.

After all, just the thought of never being able to eat chocolate is cruel and unusual punishment.

About The Author
Sue LaPointe is the owner of - a site aimed at encouraging, supporting, and educating parents of bedwetters. Request your copy of the free report “Got a Bedwetter? Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid.”

Preschool Lunch Menus & Ideas for Kids

Preschool Lunch Ideas: Grilled Cheese with a Twist

This is a great kid’s lunch idea when you feel like you are in a rut making the same things over again. You don’t need a whole menu change; sometimes adding things to your own menu is all you need.

Adding protein to this all-time favorite sandwich makes it tastier, and keeps those tummies full for longer periods of time.

More Preschool Lunch Ideas:

What you will need:

Real Cheddar cheese or slices if the children prefer that
Whole Wheat Bread
Sliced Chicken or Turkey Breast or Ham

Butter one side of each slice of bread. Place butter side down on a napkin. Slice very thin slices of cheddar cheese (or use cheese slices…one slice of cheese for each slice of bread) until you have enough pieces to cover each side of bread. Put the chicken or turkey breast or ham over the cheese on one slice of the bread. Then add the remaining cheese on top of the meat. So now the meat is in between both slices of bread.

Put the other slice of bread on top. Pick up the sandwich and discard the paper towel.

Place in a med. heat frying pan and cook until both sides are browned and the cheese is all melted.

I usually serve this sandwich with a side of veggies and ranch dip, or a fruit salad.

Drinks: Milk, Juice, or Water

Preschool Kids Games & Learning Game To Try At Home

Preschool Kids Game: Variations to Pin-The-Tail-On-The –Donkey!

We all love the classic game of pin the tail on the donkey as much as our children do. The question I like to ask is, why does it have to stop at just donkeys?

Have you ever tried to change things up a bit for different subjects you are doing in the classroom, in your home child care, or at the day care center you work at?

It’s easy to find the donkey game already made for us, I know. But with the help of the preschool class and some drawing paper and markers, you can create some wonderful games that will give you hours of fun.

*Also remember that these games don’t have to be made overnight. Don’t stress yourself out. Turn it into a class project or just a project for yourself and take as long as you need. You will have as much fun making it as you will have playing with it.

Be sure to check the bottom of this article for tips on making the games, durability, etc.

Game Idea #1- Pin the fin on the fish.

Game Idea #2- Pin the nose on the clown.

Game Idea #3- Pin the bell on the cow.

Game Idea #4- Pin the horse-shoe on the horse.

Game Idea #5- Pin the leaf on the flower.

Game Idea #6- Pin the apple on the tree.

Game Idea #7- Pin the wing/leg on the bird, bee, or insect.

Game Idea #8- Pin the worm on the hole in the fruit.

Game Idea #9- Pin the trunk on the elephant.

Game Idea #10- Pin the chocolate chip on the cookie. (Younger children) see note below.

Game Idea #11- Pin the cotton fluff on the cloud. (Same as game above only using cotton and a cloud shape).

Game Idea # 12- Pin the face parts on the face (eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair, eyebrows, Etc) Make each piece and use as game pieces. Have each child take turns trying to put the game pieces in the correct spots on the face. See what silly faces they come up with.

*Pin the chocolate chip on the cookie: This game is great for toddler aged children. There is no right or wrong spot to pin the chocolate chip and when all the children have had their turn, they can look at the beautiful cookie they made. To make it fun, you can make the chocolate chips from different colors of construction paper and have a rainbow chip cookie. The children will love it!

Ideas for Making the Games: These games are best made from Bristol board material or even a large piece of cardboard. If you are not a great artist (as I am not…ha-ha) I have had to search for ways to draw these up. I have asked a friend who I know can draw to help me. Other times I have taken an overhead projector and taped my Bristol board to the wall and traced it that way. And other times I have found a large enough picture to use and have been able to draw simpler pictures on my own such as flowers, bees, cookies, etc.

Make sure you make enough game pieces for the children. Have everything colored nice and bright and bold, and laminate what you can for a long game life. Using sticky tack instead of tape will be easier for the children to handle the pieces and it won’t ruin or pull at the game.

Have fun and change these games around as you need or like.

M. Robinson
Professional Preschool E.C.E (Early Childhood Educator)
Preschool Kids Learning Games
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