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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Healthy Snacks & Treats for Kids

Healthy Preschool Snacks & Treats for Kids:

Parents and Teachers are always looking for simple HEALTHY snack ideas for preschool children.

Healthy foods and snacks are important for children as they develop and go about their very active days. If you are looking for some snack and treats that are healthier choices-see below.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Activities for Preschoolers In The Summer

Summer is here - finally! Although it is a bit cooler than normal for around this time of year, it is still nice to see the sunny days and clear skies.

Summer is a great time for you to get outside with your kids and try out some unique activities for preschoolers. Physical activity is something that children need more of these days. With the growing popularity of video games over the last couple decades, as well as television etc. we see alot of children and preschoolers being baby sat by the tv sets.

Don't get me wrong, television can be fun and even educational, but everything has to be in balance.

Childhood Obesity:

Yes, there are more cases of childhood obesity happening today than ever before. Too many boxed and processed breakfasts, lunches and suppers for children. No thought or little thought goes into providing nutritious, healthy snacks for kids, healthy preschool lunches and suppers for kids.

Treats always seem to be candy for children. What about providing wholesome delicious snacks that are good for children and adults!

Outdoor Activities For Preschool Kids  and Children:

Kids can play in splash pools at the local park, supervised of course. There are many outside games and activities like hide and go seek, tag or what about simply kicking a ball around, helping you clean up the yard or helping you to pick up litter around the house.

Being outside gives you opportunities to teach kids about nature, talk about the different animals and wildlife and why we have to respect them and take care of them and respect living things. Also, we can develop respect for the environment and the earth by teaching kids about pollution and littering and why these are bad.

Preschool Outdoor Art Activities:

Preschool Art Activity #1

You could do something as simple as let your kids sketch with some crayons, drawing the trees they see, the sunny sky or different birds or animals they may see.

Preschool Art Activity #2

On a summer day you can give your kids some bigger paint brushes and a bucket of water and let them paint using the water on a flat concrete or brick wall. The water of course evaporates and no harm is done. Kids Love it!

Preschool Art Activity #3

Along a section of a chain link fence, between a couple of trees or on an old wall you could tie an old 'white sheet'.

Give the kids some paint brushes and some non toxic children's paint and let them paint anything they want and a variety of colors etc. The 'white sheet' acts like a big white canvas!

It's alot of fun!

Well, thats it for this post on preschool activities for the summer time! Visit our preschool & kids websites for more great activities, kindergarten printables and more!