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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Learning To Count Kids Game - Lady Bug Counting Game for Kids

Learning to Count - Lady Bug Count Game Online for Free!

(No Downloads Required-Play Online Now)

Children love to learn simple things. They feel as though they accomplished so much by learning the simplest activities or basics of education.

Counting is one of those essential learning fundamentals that is not always the most exciting to teach, but we can make it fun and exciting for children.

Counting and Numbers for Kids:

Counting and numbers are everywhere, counting then leads to simple math then to more complex maths.

Fun Learning to Count Game:

Here is a fun learning to count game for kids that you can try. Children simply count the dots on the ladybugs, then they click and drag the correct number to that lady bug. That's it, simple, yet effective to get children familiar with their numbers and counting.

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Monday, June 04, 2007

Preschool Learn To Count Game-Baseball Counting


Teaching your kids to count can be difficult. We make it fun!

Try out the Free Preschool Learning Online Learn To Count Game For kids.
Simply Click the Link Below, maximize the page and have your Preschooler 'count' the number of black dots under each baseball glove.

Then they simply need to click on the baseball and DRAG IT to the baseball glove that matches.

It's That simple.

You can count the dots with them to help them identify the number.
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