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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Preschool Math & Math Activities For Kids

Preschool Math can be very fun and easy to teach to kids. It can be as easy as singing a number song or counting fun objects.

I have a couple of number songs in my videos on You Tube.

A preschool math activity I would recommend is counting some familiar objects that the children are familiar with. Count up to an age appropriate number depending on the level of your class.
Counting is a great form of math as it get the children familiar with the orders of numbers.

You can also read a book about counting or hold up some flash cards that have numbers on them so the children can see associate the look of the number with the number they are saying.

And always a class favorite is counting with food. This one I do with very low numbers just to try and introduce very simple addition and subtraction. I get 3-4 apples and line them up in a row. (I do this activity at a table.) Then I count them. Then I take one apple away and say, "if I take this apple away lets see how many are left." Then we count them again. Then I add it back and follow the same routine.

Then once more I do the same routine but this time taking away two, and then bringing them back. You can go higher depending on the level of your class.

Remember repetition is important but children also get bored easy. So I change it up a bit and say, now what if we eat one apple, so I cut it up give everyone a piece and we count the apples. I go down the list and we eat each apple until there are (zero) 0 apples on the table.

In Preschool, we need to make learning fun so that way when they get to school and start using paper and pencils, they have a positive and fun start to pre k math which encourages them to keep it up throughout school.

I hope I have helped you out.