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Monday, November 24, 2008

Printable Bubble Letters

Printable Coloring Pages

Printable bubble letters, printable letters and other printable coloring pages are available with more on the way!

There are a variety of coloring pages and printables on the following topics:
Seasonal printables, Special Needs Printables, Character Coloring Pages, Sports Printables and Coloring Pages and many many more!

Printables andWorksheets:

Preschool worksheets and printables can also be accessed here:
Printables & Worksheets

Check with us often as we ADD more worksheets for kids, lesson printables and other activity sheets for teaching and educating kids.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

PreK Themes- Preschool Jungle Theme-Printables For Kids

Preschool Jungle Theme Download: 150+ Printables, PreK Theme Activities, Recipes & Games for Parents & Teachers to Use with their Kids!

Below is a full list of every pre k themes activity on this Preschool Jungle Theme CD Download.

. Jungle Alphabet

• Tell a story pictures (Jungle)

• Flash Cards

• Borders

• Jungle tracing activity sheets

• Bookmarks

• Collage pictures for mobiles and wall display

• Colouring pictures

• Door hangers

• Jungle animal finger puppets

• Headbands

• Jungle leaves

• Puzzles

• Printable jungle snap game

• Lion giraffe and monkey mask

• Original jungle rhymes

• Snake pattern printable

• Tiger and elephant masks

• Toucan stained glass windows

• Tribal jungle masks


• Jungle platters

• Banana boats

• Jungle juice

• Toucan fruit kebabs


• Feather headbands

• Safari binoculars

• Tribal group art

• Jungle flower making

• Sock elephant

• Jungle leaves

• Lions mane

• Jungle vines

• Paper Mache monkey

• Jungle books

• Zebra art

• Tribal face painting

• Tribal bead threading


Below Is A Sample Of Just Some The Activities:

*View All Of The PreK Themes That Are Available From Our Preschool Websitefor Download!