Thursday, January 12, 2012

Weather Circle Time Activity - Part 2.

Here is Part 2. of the Full preschool circle time activity video. Make sure that you watch Part 1. of the full preschool weather circle time video first.

This preschool circle time video is requested often so we figured we would post it where it is easy to access for our visitors.

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Full Preschool Learning Circle Time Video

Of all the requests that we receive at, requests for us showing 'How' to conduct a full circle time with children in the preschool classroom is among the most popular.

Take a look at Part 1. of the Full Weather Preschool Theme Circle Time Activity below.

How To Conduct A Weather Themed Circle Time with Calendar:

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Motor Development for Preschool Kids

How to Help Children with Fine Motor Development:
Helping children master fine motor skills involves some planning but at the same time can be, and is quite simple to make developing these skills successful. Fine motor skills require greater effort and much more

Motor Development

What are Motor Skills for Preschoolers

What are Motor Skills?

There are two kinds of motor skills, fine motor skills and gross motor skills. Children improve in both of these motor skill areas during the toddler years. The difference between fine and gross motor skills is simple to remember. Get the full information below.

Motor Skills for Preschoolers

Fine Motor Skills Development

Fine Motor Development:
What are fine motor skills?

Fine motor skills occur when the small muscles in the hands/fingers move in coordination with the eyes.

Fine motor skills usually develop later than gross motor skills. Some of the first signs are done with the hands/arms such as raising their arm up and down or waving with their hand. Fine motor skills take much more effort to develop

Fine Motor Skills

Activities to Develop Concentration in Preschoolers

 Email Question:

i need to develop my 2.8yrs old daughter concentration through activities
especially sitting activities which make her to sit and concentrate she started
going to preschool.

kindly help me out


Our Reply: 
See the article below...

Preschool Activities to Develop Better Concentration ...
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