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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring Is Here! Get Your Kids Outdoors!

Spring has finally arrived!

Winter and it's often depressing side affects are on their way out! We understand that winter is not depressing for many children but it is for many adults.
Many children love winter. They love tobogganing, skating, snow ball fights, building snowforts, snowmen and playing in the snow.

For many people though, children included, winter is a time to stay indoors and do nothing but play video games, sleep in and watch television.

Ahh, spring is here..what a great feeling of new life. Clean crisp air, warm weather and sunshine really picks up one's spirit and makes us feel energized.

If your children are in a habit of staying inside and playing video games, watching television and sitting around watching the paint dry-we need to incorporate some ideas and fun kids activities to get them out side and more active.

Exercise and outdoor activity is healthy for us all-kids need it just as much if not more than adults to combat childhood obesity issues and depression.

As parent s we need to start planning ahead for activities that get our children involved.
Maybe we can plan day trips to the park. Maybe we can go to the beach and get out of the car and walk around and let children observe nature and the life around them.
Often times Spring time involves cleaning up around the outside of the house.
Raking leaves, tilling gardens, cleaning flower beds, picking up garbage doing small simple repairs.

Can we get our young children involved by doing simple tasks that make them feel special? Maybe they can pass dad his tools when he needs them, maybe they can help mom to clean out the flower beds, pick up pieces of paper etc.

What ever it is that our kids help us with, make it fun.

Maybe we can play music outside while doing these activities and really praise up our children when they do their part, 'no matter how small', in helping out.

Games can also be fun for kids. When outside with our kids, maybe have them find as many different shaped leaves as possible and collect them?

If your kids are familiar with colors, or counting, maybe have them count the number 'red items' they see when outside or in a certain area.

Perhaps as parents we can just get our children to get out and comment on the signs of life (birds, squirrels, rabbits, insects etc..) that they observe around them. Parent can use this opportunity to share their knowledge and fun facts with their kids.

There is really no right or wrong ideas here. The idea is to put the emphasis on getting your children outside and enjoying themselves, keeping them occupied and safely having fun!

*Keep in mind that this time of year brings many children and animals outdoors at all different times of the day. When driving in our cars we want to be cautious of children hiding behind 'parked cars', riding bikes, and running out on to the streets when you least expect it! Always BE ALERT and EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!

Let's have a SAFE, FUN & EXCITING SPRING & SUMMER for everyone!